About Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE)

What is Pak Stock Exchange (PSE) ?

Pak Stock Exchange is the top online trading and education platform for Pakistani stock markets. This platform was created in year 2006 and have now more than 30,000 registered members. It includes the fun of web-based games that you can play with others. It also gives you the thrill and opportunity to learn and trade by practicing it.

Mission & Vision:
To provide easy to use, community-driven, and useful platform for anyone who wants to learn investment and trading, specially in the stock markets of Pakistan. To attract young generation towards the stock markets of Pakistan in order to create awareness and confidence by providing a learning and educational platform that grows with time.

- To provide tools for young traders/investors for learning, research, and practicing investment and trading techniques and strategies.
- To provide a system where everyone can learn from each other by communicating, sharing, and participating in group activities.


Top Players

Based on 2018-10-23 data
Player Profit
image Muhammad Hannan Shahid
image Muhammad Haroon Zafar
image Nasir
image Syed Muhammad Irfan
image Moneeb aazmi

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