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Taimoor Mehar's Stock Profile

Forman Christian College University
Lahore, Pakistan
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Rank 457

Previous Rank 454

Stocks & Cash

This section shows the cash balance in this account and the details of the shares that are bought.

Cash Balance Rs. 207,870

Company Shares Cost Market Value Change
Glaxo Healthcare Pak
1,000 292,130
@ 292.13
@ 195.75
292,130 195,750 -96,380
Total Account Value Rs. 403,620

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Franchise Agreement

For a small business entrepreneur, entering into a franchise agreement with a larger company can be a way to enter the marketplace. The agreement made between you and the larger company gives you the right to operate as a satellite of the larger company in a certain territory for a given period of time. This lets you, the business owner, take advantage of a brand name that’s already familiar in the marketplace and a process or operation that has already been tested.

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