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Islamabad, Pakistan
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Stocks & Cash

This section shows the cash balance in this account and the details of the shares that are bought.

Cash Balance Rs. 495,338

Company Shares Cost Market Value Change
Byco Petroleum
700 4,662
@ 6.66
@ 6.40
4,662 4,480 -182
Total Account Value Rs. 499,818


Date Description
May 15, 2019 Bought 700 of BYCO at Rs. 6.66
May 15, 2019 Cash Deposit
May 15, 2019 Portfolio Created

Random Financial Term

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Price-to-Book Ratio (P/B)

What you Need ?

Balance Sheet, Most Recent Stock Price


P/B Ratio = Price per Share / Book Value per Share


Book value (BV) is already listed on the balance sheet, it's just under a different name: shareholder equity. Equity is the portion of the company that owners (i.e. shareholders) own free and clear. Dividing book value by the number of shares outstanding gives you book value per share.
Like P/E, the P/B ratio is essentially the number of dollars you'll have to pay for $1 of equity. And like P/E, there are different criteria for what makes a P/B ratio "high" or "low."

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