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Business Owner
Shaheen Air
Sahiwal, Pakistan
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Rank 295

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Stocks & Cash

This section shows the cash balance in this account and the details of the shares that are bought.

Cash Balance Rs. 317,790

Company Shares Cost Market Value Change
Pakistan State Oil
1,000 182,210
@ 182.21
@ 156.66
182,210 156,660 -25,550
Total Account Value Rs. 474,450


Date Description
June 13, 2019 Bought 1,000 of PSO at Rs. 182.21
June 12, 2019 Cash Deposit
June 12, 2019 Portfolio Created

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Price-to-Sales Ratio

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Income Statement, Most Recent Stock Price


Price-to-Sales Ratio = Price per Share / Annual Sales Per Share


Much like P/E or P/B, think of P/S as the price you'll pay for $1 of sales. If you are comparing two different firms and you see that one firm's P/S ratio is 2x and the other is 4x, it makes sense to figure out why investors are willing to pay more for the company with a P/S of 4x. The P/S ratio is a great tool because sales figures are considered to be relatively reliable while other income statement items, like earnings, can be easily manipulated by using different accounting rules.

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