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United Energy Pakistan
Tando Muhammad Khan, Pakistan
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Rank 216

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Stocks & Cash

This section shows the cash balance in this account and the details of the shares that are bought.

Cash Balance Rs. 469,630

Company Shares Cost Market Value Change
Engro Polymer
1,000 30,370
@ 30.37
@ 42.26
30,370 42,260 11,890
Total Account Value Rs. 511,890


Date Description
February 17, 2020 Bought 1,000 of EPCL at Rs. 30.37
February 14, 2020 Cash Deposit
February 14, 2020 Portfolio Created

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Debt to Equity Ratio

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Balance Sheet


Debt-to-Equity Ratio = Total Liabilities / Total Shareholder Equity


Total liabilities and total shareholder equity are both found on the balance sheet. The debt-to-equity ratio measures the relationship between the amount of capital that has been borrowed (i.e. debt) and the amount of capital contributed by shareholders (i.e. equity). Generally speaking, as a firm's debt-to-equity ratio increases, it becomes more risky because if it becomes unable to meet its debt obligations, it will be forced into bankruptcy.

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