Mughal Iron - MUGHAL - Stock Price and Chart

MUGHAL Stock Price and Chart

Mughal Iron

0.75 (0.01%)

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Open Close Low High Volume
64.00 64.75 62.90 64.99 788,000

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Revolving Line of Credit

This funding option is similar to a standard line of credit. However, the agreement is to lend a specific amount of money, and once that sum is repaid, it can be borrowed again.

Top Players

Based on 2020-09-28 data
Player Profit
Khalid Yasin
Islamabad, Pakistan
Scorpion Gaming
Lahore, Pakistan
Zaeem Mushtaq
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Ahmad Yar
Peshawar, Pakistan
Waleed Arshad Butt
Rawalpindi, Pakistan